The Tigris and Euphrates join the Elbe

This film starts with us. We came to Hamburg from Mesopotamia and Anatolia. We have brought the souls of our land with us. We met the revolutionary filmmakers here. This film started with an egalitarian and libertarian song. We carry the water of Tigris and Euphrates in our palms. Our film will sail on the waters of the Elbe.

Our film brings the wretched of the Anatolia and Middle East and the others of the Europe together. The characters met in Hamburg and they start looking for those who say another cinema is possible.

For us:

-Cinema is both for cinema and the people.

-The non-visible stories and the lives will be visible in our Cinema.

-The language of the lines is to be liberated from the hegemony of the dominant languages.

-The best film is not the one with the highest budget.

We are AVAKİNO Film Collective. We want to open the door of the revolutionary cinema born in Kurdistan and the Middle East to Europe and the World. We want to open door of the revolutionary cinema born in Hamburg to Kurdistan.  We are here to help you and to get help from you.

We are here:

-To make an archive of Kurdish films that have been scattered all around the world.

-To produce new films and create financial sources for revolutionary cinema.

-To educate new film makers.

-To gather up all of “the other” film makers and create a network among them.

-To popularize Kurdish Cinema.

-To relate to other revolutionary film makers in the world.

We have a long road ahead of us. We are shooting the film of our life now. Each of us is a leading character in this film. All colours in the Europe, Middle East and Anatolia are together here, and this time, Armenians, Assyrians and Yazidis are not excluded from the film. We have stories to tell to the country that we are living in, to the Europe and to the whole world.

The stories that we have collected are from the broken pieces of Kurdistan. The stories are collected from Bakûr, Başûr, Rojhilat and Rojava and spread between Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. We continue to look for them and the more we find them, the more we grow.

We invite all revolutionary film makers who live in Hamburg to join us. We ask for the solidarity of all revolutionary film-makers of the world.

Do not forget to bring your prohibited languages and your invisible stories. Bring all your colours and your voices with you.

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